We are two guys looking for one possibly two more traders to join us in trading via the internet mikgo and telephone line we trade the SP and Nasdaq Eminies our requirement to join this room are. 1 be at least one year full time day trader. 2. Must be in the green or at least break even. 3. Have a minimum account of $25,000 4. Be ready to share all study materials
It is not guarantee that you will make money by joining us but I guarantee that you will avoid costly mistakes and save money we have an experience of two years in day trading we are in the green since the time we trade together we are trying to expand this trading room just in case when one of us is sick and can’t trade or has a personal problems. Hope to find the right trader. Please PM me with your phone number and email address (by the way we are from New Jersey area)
WOW ... didn't know your broker offered $100 margin per contract ... ain't there some regulations about that?!? Be careful not to blow that $10k account. Remember ... always use a 1 tick stop loss when maxed out like that. Just lookin' out for my brutha from anutha mutha!

Baby needs a new pair of shoes.


Ps. Never buy a used car (or a hundred) from a Hungarian Moose ... they're some real bastards!

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Hunter, that is crap.

Profitable traders take money from other people.

If I have a profitable trade, I made somebody very unhappy. Or better, I made a LOT of people unhappy since I trade up to 100 cars a trade.
I got the idea of having a trading partner from John Carter. Once I attended his seminar he told us at the end: “if the only thing you got out from this seminar is that you found a trading partner than the money you spend is worth it”. At the time I thought what a crap I spent $3000 for a seminar just to find a trading partner? But today I’m glad that I followed his advice and I have a trading partner we help each to avoid costly mistakes, My only reason to place my post was to pass a long his advice .
I’m almost a year a member of this great forum and only today I found out that we have here a trading room I feel so embarrassed that I asked the trader here to join my “hot dog stand” while there is a first class restaurant open for free anyhow anyone who does not know about it should know by now I’m so grateful to you BruceM and Lorn for sharing here your trading strategies I hope to follow you from now on.
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WOW ... didn't know your broker offered $100 margin per contract .

intraday margin : .25 x $2160 = $540 per contract
Trust a random person, when the professional trader should be able to raise capital on his own and do VERY WELL.