ES S/R Monkey Map for 5-11-11

Here's my 30min MAP of 20 trading days that I've got with the Red lines as potential significant PASR levels with Magenta as semi-significant. The White dashed lines are Weekly Pivots. Got a Fib cluster above the current market in Yellow. The Gray background is "overnight trading" and the Light Blue bars on the right vertical axis represent Volume at Price. Hope this is helpful to some folks!

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es 30m sr for 51111
our old pal 40 - 42.50 is next support on downside...this is from Mondays trade
trying long off 35 now!! Volume surge
took 3 off at 37 even...holding two....just in case I actually caught the spike reversal
gap in data at least favorite target..
Nice Bruce, I like it!
well, down , down it went and then that big volume surge was telling me that maybe, just maybe sellers were done for a bit...

watching to see if they get a 30 minute close below mondays opening range..

last two runners trying for that 39.75 area...that is also begining of the 40 - 42.50 that they blew right a good place to exit...
flat now....nice mini - gap fill but I still hate those targets...I've seen them jerk price back close to them and then never fill it was just lucky on that..! Having the 40 - 42.50 zone there helped that retest and probably has absolutely nothing to do with the micro gap....

I'll never really know..
I'm unfamiliar with the "micro gap". Was there a price jump somewhere? I'm not seeing it on my chart.
mini gap!

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I forgot to get back to this Yesterday...I did have shorts on Tuesday afternoon and on Wednesday morning in the same general area...the 1356 area...hence the confusion...So the previous answer I gave was specifically referring to the shorts from Tuesday..
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I go market when I see the print on my screen.. so sometimes that works in my favor and sometimes it doesn't.....I like to use limit orders more on runners so I don't need to babysit the trades

I have a bad habit of speaking out of context. sorry. I was referring to yesterday when you were having fun with Lorn.

Originally posted by BruceMI'm short my 56 number...c'mon Lorn lets see what ya got ? LOL !!
Trying for 53 !!

No worries.