ES 5-20-2011

Here is the weekly RTH volume profile through Thursday. POC ins the thick red line at 1339. Compared with the relative volume on the lower pane saying this is a low volume environment, prices are simply digesting the big move up from Tuesday. More sideways action today or do prices break above/below this congestion?

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EMA and XMA just different shorthand for the same thang - Exponential Moving Average.
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Stupid question... what's an "xma"? An X-tra special Moving Average? Another term for EMA?

I see that in the above post you do mention "exponential" at one point, so I gather that is what you meant. I've just never heard it labeled "xma".
52.8% of PP to R1 is 1344... O/N High
78.6% of PP to S1 is 1337.75... 1T from O/N Low

Gap fill at 41.75.

No news events today.
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This is from PAUL...I don't know how to move a post over but credit goes to Paul for this post below:

I just wanted to quickly mention that there is a Breaker Bar in place in the overnight. I am looking at 30min chart 24hr prices.
A breaker bar is a wide range bar (relative to other PA) that breaks out of a zone of sideways consolidation.

The Open of such a bar is often tested. the open for the 30min bar I am referring to is 1340.25 (remember 1340.50 was RTH H 2 days ago).

If price can swing back up to test that open, PA is very important at/near that level, I consider it an inflection price point where price is either going to break up through it or be rejected. I have no idea what the volume profiles look like, maybe Bruce can update.

Thanks for this post BruceM and Paul9. To add, I also trade what you call the Breaker Bar. But my focus is not the bar's open, which depends on a time slice. I concentrate on a level at or above (in this case) breaking of the previous bar. That break-out point is going to be tested most of the time - you can check your 30 min charts. If it does not get tested soon, the price almost always come back to it later. If you watch "delta" or see a volume spike on a small time frame, you can see where the big break-out order came. fwiw
XMA is my abbreviation for an eXponential Moving Average.
Of course one can also drop to the smallest time/volume frame and see where the break occured
Thanks, LisaP,

Just to clarify, If I am looking at the 30min bar, the breaker bar that completed at 07:00 this morning, Are you saying that you would look to the close of the bar preceding it as a target?
O/N Volume Profile.

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thanks for url, MM.

very interesting
I'm not sure if overnight triples count as much as those during RTH, but here are the 4 I have on my chart:

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I'm not sure if overnight triples count as much as those during RTH, but here are the 4 I have on my chart:

Just took out the bottom two (blue). Also, S1 is right here at 35.75.
It's all good...I just wanted to make sure that nobody trades for O/N triples or anything mentioned on these threads without doing their own research first.....

Most know not to do this I hope...

u have a great weekend too..
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Absolutely. Thank you. And I sincerely hope my comments are NOT taken as sarcasm. I was simply amazed by the market movement today and thought I could add a touch of humor to what I considered a WOW moment.

Actually hoped it did fill for that virtual group high five moment!

If I don't say anything else, I'd like to take this moment to wish everyone a great weekend! g'night!

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I have no evidence of the reliability of Triples in the Overnight session being run out so use them as targets at your own risk.....
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I'm going to go put on a diaper, because if the two left up there in the 40's fill today.... I'm going to need it!

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nice run of those triples from yesterday....without me...