MP and Volume Profile Questions

This is for me and any other folks who desire a better understanding and interpretation/reading of Market Profile and Volume Profile. Obviously, Bruce, Lorn and some others can probably address this best.

Many posts show the prior day's MP/VolProfile with the VAH/VAL and POC as a chart. Lorn regularly posts the "overnight" ES chart, typically coming into the RTH session.

I'll focus on just Volume Profile at this point. What are folks looking at for the VP ... the prior day's RTH session, with its VAH/VAL and POC? Or are folks incorporating the Overnight session (like Lorn posts) seperately ... or is it "better" to chart the prior day with the overnight, showing a "cumulative" picture coming into the current trading session?

Also, there are times when a post will describe the "meshing" of the past two day's VP activity ... and are folks just looking at HV and LV nodes? In addition, won't there be VAH/VAL and POC levels that are different from just the prior day?

Then there's the unfolding session where the VP (or MP) is being "built" in real time beginning with the RTH session. I think you've done a video on the current session unfolding, Bruce.

What is the arrangement of significance from the different mappings I've listed above (and others) that carries the most weight typically in analysis?

Been thru Dalton's stuff lightly and also Volume Profile analysis. But I'm looking for how one would decide to rank the HV and LV nodes, along with VAH and VAL along with POC. Charts will show variations based on what data is used. Fill me and others in if you will Bruce ... or Lorn ... or anyone who has been following the daily ES MP/VolProf analysis.

Hope this questioning makes sense. It'd be useful for me and hopefully others to better set up our software to track and watch what is being incorporated into the analysis for the posts.

Have a look at the set of stuff by GOMI. I believe he is French and has generously contributed much to the NT community. It can be found on NT boards or a few other places.
Originally posted by beyondMP

Have a look at the set of stuff by GOMI. I believe he is French and has generously contributed much to the NT community. It can be found on NT boards or a few other places.

Definitely check out Gomi's stuff. The guy is a very generous genius!!!!
I use the Globex session to compare my previous days homework to see if anything has changed as well as whether the inventory is long/short or balanced. This gives me an area where I may suspect covering if a certain price is breached if the market is long or short.
As far as value area it is important to me when we open outside of the previous days RTH value and then enter it again... opening inside the value area can show if you have initiative (convinced) buyers or sellers.
As far as LVNs I pay attention to the deepest ones on the composite then wathc the deepest 2 or 3 on the Globex chart evolving to the current RTH chart as the session rolls along the RTH will become more important. Hope this helps....
Hello all. I am new to this site and looking for the VAH, POC, VAL and can't seem to locate it. I see the calculator but years ago, this site posted it. I am a premium member. Thanks for your help.

check out the link above,

save it
Thank you so much!
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I use Mp & VP for context only. Bottom line I decided to simplify. You'll notice at present the ES has little regard for technical levels. I trade better waiting for the market to show its hand and then go with the herd.Best of luck
Does anyone still trade with Market profile? I'm trying to find info on this system and this trader, Matt. Any thoughts?
I think this is genius idea, whatever you've listed above, its is working for me and appreciable.
Is there a more advanced volume profile that has just started to be used in turkey?