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ES 6-8-2011

From the perspective of the RTH session only as on this chart, you can see that Monday/Tuesday have been a big consolidation from last weeks down move. Are we seeing a break of the range to the downside here in the O/N? The only clue on this chart is down moves have come on surging volume, up moves on decreasing volume.

Low from 3-23 of 1279 has now been breached and if you look at a daily all session chart there is a gap in the data from the open on 3-18 of 1268.50 to the low on 3-21 of 1274.75.

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oh man...that would be great right now.....just one though.....unless of course u twist my arm...
Originally posted by palmer

Lorn buy Bruce a virtual Heineken :)
Yea, you are right.

Originally posted by palmer

Lorn buy Bruce a virtual Heineken :)
NQ busted through its O/N low. What are we gonna see here with the ES? 79 holding so far...
I think we will see 82.50....( gotta check for typos) again after report hits...hopefully after a big spike lower below the On low....that is the only trade I will attempt...

I wanted to buy below 80 again earlier but now it is too close.....not gonna be a gambler down here in front of that report
I don't watch NQ but that 2250 low from 4-18 seems important..
For sure...big catch up phase in NQ if it can't hold this level.

Originally posted by BruceM

I don't watch NQ but that 2250 low from 4-18 seems important..
they sure selling into the beige book
what is bothering me is that we trade through the O/N high or low a huge percent of the time ...and so far neither has happened and it was only a 11 point range...I'm not selling into the 82.50 but it seems ligical that the more time we spend below there then the greater the odds we will go below the O/N lows..
gheesh...that volume spike u mentioned from O/N Lorn is a tuff customer..I'm too confused...a gap in the data up at 81.25 will keep me off the short down here ,,buying small at 78.75
Nice bounce off the NPOC! Thanks to all for your help and support!
Originally posted by NickP

i thought the same thing when i looked at my screen after 4.30pm but then i noticed dtn-iq had rolled over to sep; don't know why, jun is still good till tomorrow afternoon, volume wise

My research shows that volume switches to the new contract at 9:30am tomorrow morning:
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