ES 6-8-2011

From the perspective of the RTH session only as on this chart, you can see that Monday/Tuesday have been a big consolidation from last weeks down move. Are we seeing a break of the range to the downside here in the O/N? The only clue on this chart is down moves have come on surging volume, up moves on decreasing volume.

Low from 3-23 of 1279 has now been breached and if you look at a daily all session chart there is a gap in the data from the open on 3-18 of 1268.50 to the low on 3-21 of 1274.75.

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out at 77.50
will try one more long and call it a day..needs to get under O/N low for that to happen
We have another NPOC down at 68.75 along with that unfilled gap at 68.50.

NQ trying to find support at 1250.

Everything doesn't have to happen in one day!
starting to flirt with Paul's Monday RTH range expansion, I have if print 75.25 expect to see 70.25
1250 ?? now u really do owe me a beer,,,LOL....
tryin from 77.75...81 is target..
if I had to pick a target to suffer with ..gaps in the data is number one on my list!!
pulled last off at 82.75///a lucky voluem spike as I went to market must be contagious.

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1250 ?? now u really do owe me a beer,,,LOL....
not trading any more so just pointing this out...we have traded on both sides of the IB so gamblers and those with more knowledge than myself ( which is everyone) will be trying to fiqure out if we close neutral extreme or in the center
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i thought the same thing when i looked at my screen after 4.30pm but then i noticed dtn-iq had rolled over to sep; don't know why, jun is still good till tomorrow afternoon, volume wise

My research shows that volume switches to the new contract at 9:30am tomorrow morning: