ES 6-27-2011

O/N volume profile for everyone. O/N low of 1257 is also the RTH low from Thursday.

Looks like prices will be opening at the lows of Friday's Value.

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my crystal ball is showing unfinished business at 73.50 and 63.75....if my newfangled thing - a ma-bob is correct then we will see both tagged again...either way this thing is NEVER wrong....LOL...hopefully I'll get a chart up later....meaning that if the 73.50 prints but not the 63.50 then the 63.50 will get cleaned up tomorrow..
starting small short at 79.75
77.25 is the objective...low volume there
last and final is trying for 75.50 ....that would be slightly above single prints...gonna take some luck for that !!
holding runner as my crystal ball has signalled that 77.25 is gonna be run out to see if sellers are there still
that's me done at 76 even...just too close to days end now..don't care if they fill the air or not now...63.75 goes on the radar as a key price for me...unfinished business down there...lets see if they can fill that in tomorrow or in Overnight..