ES 7-01-2011

Important reference numbers starting today.

Monthly close 1314.75 (4:15pm), keep in mind this is also a quarterly close.

Monthly High/Low 1342.25/1252.25

Quarterly High/Low 1368/1252.25

50% of quarterly range is 1310.25, so we have closed above that.

VPOC for the Quarter was 1323.00 and the profile has peaks in two places, at the lows between 1260-1280 then again near the June highs between 1220-1240.

Keep in mind these are all based on the September contract.
enjoy your weekend bruce and thanks !
Yep. The 30 minutes have been one time framing since the open! Yikes! All the first of the month fund money must have come in.
just for reference...if they had printed above that bar first above 35.75 then I would have added to that short and it would have turned this loser trade to a winner....amazing what one tic can do to you or for u.....gotta run...c ya
Have a good holiday weekend folks! Cold Beer ... Hot Grill ... and home made Thermo-nuclear Fireworks time!
Unreal. Have a good weekend everyone.

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They maade us wait until