ES 7-01-2011

Important reference numbers starting today.

Monthly close 1314.75 (4:15pm), keep in mind this is also a quarterly close.

Monthly High/Low 1342.25/1252.25

Quarterly High/Low 1368/1252.25

50% of quarterly range is 1310.25, so we have closed above that.

VPOC for the Quarter was 1323.00 and the profile has peaks in two places, at the lows between 1260-1280 then again near the June highs between 1220-1240.

Keep in mind these are all based on the September contract.
my Ib data confirm Bike Mike and nick but for some reason my cheapo IRT charts have it .50 higher......hopefully we will see some volatility pick up soon...

we need Lorn to come in and get his fingers stuck on the sell button
Last gap on INDU
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2011 07 011440
sorry, the gap below was of 6/1,not 5/20
if this next 30 minute bar trades above the 3 pm closing bar then we will have 3 sets of single prints...that are potentially I am waiting on add point...somewhere above that bar...a strong trend ..obviously !!!

The bond close comes through with strength again..
INDU update

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2011 07 011502
I have a NPOC @ 1337.75 if anyone is looking for an exit or short opportunity.
That also 30 min air Mike. Bruce I crap pitulated good luck to you.
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2011 07 011521
I exited at 33.25..that would had been air fill if they didn't make a double top... a losing campaign to cap off a losing week.......with that double top I thought it would be high odds to not have that be the final high for the day... it shows no impulse for traders to get short....and was likely to be tested on a trend day

One only needs to look at the 30 minute bars to realize that it was a challenging week for me.....when they trend, I lose...
I hope all have a safe and happy long weekend...
They maade us wait until