ES Mon 8-15-11

Not much to say at 3:26 am on Monday morning. Narrow value area relative to previous days. overnight opened in the value area and is now just above it. Will need to wait for the open to see what will happen. The red dashed line is the VAH and the blue is the POC and the green is the VAL.

Housing market index at 10am:

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ES overnight 15 August 2011
Originally posted by della

lisa you get in down by the VWAP before??

Out at 1196.50 on "thinkened" volume - good enough for me.
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2011 08 150934
very very nice lisa
i had 20500 contracts trade 95.50 the big boys
Della, I posted the wrong chart. The following is the correct one. I am not as good as Bruce at trading and posting. So here is what I saw as the "thickened" volume (asterisk in 10:23 column).

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2011 08 151032

Most of the time I do not enter on "price level"; I try to enter on "enemy mistakes". SO if I am bullish, I watch for bears to make a mistake, i.e. try and fail - this adds fuel to the move. So here was my trade. I missed the first entry and took the second almost to the target.

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2011 08 151037
where was the vwap at the price I have the vwap at 1191.75 rite now
I have 1192.50 for RTH VWAP
lisa looking pritty conforable above vwap
Della, we are below RTH VWAP - just bounced off it. This is what I have

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2011 08 151235
making move back 97.50 .75 again
tradestation has price and volume distribution that looks the same as market profile its a little hard to tell