ES Wed 8-17-11

Looks like a classic Market Profile play this morning to the tick. The market opened above the value area at 1196.75 and then traded down to 1195 even which was 1 tick below the VAH (1195.25) which would have been a buy signal. Subsequent to that it has traded as high as 1206.25. So far:
Draw down: 0.25 points
Best run up: 11 points

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ES for 17 August 2011
here is the $tick channel I'd like to see start falling apart some more so we are free to go up into 97 or so
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NQ and ticks holding lows so trying one last long from 86.50...Value is still building higher than yesterday so I feel longs are a good probability down here...will try to get to 1190 retest to pull up and tighten
All this s...t is happening on low volume
my low volume node from YD is 83.75...critical price....will they blow through or use it as support...? a blow through will come back up for the retest
I have today's Globex low = 1183.75
81.50Vah MOnday
first volume this afternoon
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2011 08 171349
BRuce, hope you held that trade to 1190 - that was awsome!
who said that Lisa bruce said that before from 86.00
Wow! Thank you Bruce for taking the time to answer my question with so much detail. I really appreciate it.