ES Tue 8-23-11

The chart below is from Monday's trading. The blue bars on the right are Monday's RTH session and the white bars to the right of them are the 30 minute bars after market close to 8:30pm ET.

A Single Print was left behind in the F Bracket at 1131.50 and mentioned in yesterday's topic. This is a short signal if the market moves back up to it. Had you taken that short at 1131.50 you would have suffered a 2.25 point draw down to 1133.75 and subsequently a best run-up of 13 points to the low of 1118.50

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ES overnight 23 August 2011
Bruce you looking for a closing bar above the 46.25 ?
what a way to get filled in
I was just watching the volume and the order flow...interesting as the NQ's had only one set of singles that got tested and filled in.....

della..I'm usually only holding runners for a bigger move like that....we aslo were DUE to test the previous 30 minute bars low which helped with that fade above the weekly open into low volume
Summary chart from today and some info about the single prints on tomorrow's topic: