ES Fri 8-26-11

Interesting market from Thursday's trading. Thursday's breakaway in the E bracket left a single print at 1172.25 (short signal if we touch it) and from Tuesday we have the single print at 1150.75 (long signal if we touch it). So the ES is boxed between those 2 prices and the VAH and VAL are also boxed inside those prices. Don't treat these as signals in isolation. Combine them with other high probability setups. For more of those see what BruceM has written in these pages.

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ES overnight 26 August 2011
Thanks Bruce. Do single prints mostly happens to be in low volume areas? or if they happen to be , it is not something we see often?
yes...u will see low volume at single prints but using the volume histogram will give you better levels in my opinion. You quite often will have low volume WITHOUT single prints. Single prints is based on time which was part of market profile and used as a substitute for volume long ago. These days we have great access to real time volume so lets use it to our advantage.

and don't forget about the low volume area from the Overnight sessions. That is what the NQ bumped up against at todays NQ highs !