ES Tue 9-13-11

We started out Monday bracketed by the single print above the market at 1158.25 and below the market at 1125.25. However, during RTH we did not touch either so there were no single print trades on Monday. A new single print was created at 1151.25 which is a long signal if we open above it and trade down to it today (Tuesday).

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ES overnight 13 September 2011
GM are the singles for the RTH or can they be fill early??
5 point above single
Lisa are the the big boys in there ??gap at 69.00
Originally posted by della

GM are the singles for the RTH or can they be fill early??

I've only ever worked with them as signals during RTH so not sure how well they work outside of that.
If im rite then next stop is 58.25 if im thinking like bruce
we still have not filled in gap but whats the odds of other single
Volume at Fib retracement (60%)

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2011 09 131114
I'm still long adding some more avg 60.50 target price 75 we need a 15 min HH to get this thing started again....61.75
2 HH on the 15min and one HH on the 30min
so Joe, do you look for a margin of 3 to take the trade? Cause I was looking for 4, but we didnt get there.
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we opened up above the 58.25 single. Does that mean its off the table? Or do we wait for the market to get below it and retest?

Sorry I'm so late responding to this question but yes, it is off the table. See Wednesday's topic for today's summary.