ES Tue 9-13-11

We started out Monday bracketed by the single print above the market at 1158.25 and below the market at 1125.25. However, during RTH we did not touch either so there were no single print trades on Monday. A new single print was created at 1151.25 which is a long signal if we open above it and trade down to it today (Tuesday).

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ES overnight 13 September 2011
simple chart targeting single prints
I still think this trend started too early...I'll be surprised to see this trend into the close off our key zone...and will be poorer!!
Looks like you are right Bruce
I'm out that just felt weird. May be looking to get some SPY puts today if they can put a 2 legged pullback from this high. 2nd time 30min ES has deviated to an extreme on its 20ema. So may have put a top in.
looks like i will not be selling that comes 1154-56 area

take care
scaling down into the 66 area as that is original entry zone...had 69.25 entry...if you have the footprints, then you will see that last entry...without explaination.....don't be target is going for 61.50 still....

and here comes retest of previous bars low.....

Rock on !!
drak, there was an imbalance of 32 HH to 25 LL at the 70.50 highs
Been out of balance since the lows today. Now where getting back into balance
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flat on last at 59.25...that was peak volume for today.....c ya !!
Rock and Roll Bruce
Originally posted by drak

we opened up above the 58.25 single. Does that mean its off the table? Or do we wait for the market to get below it and retest?

Sorry I'm so late responding to this question but yes, it is off the table. See Wednesday's topic for today's summary.