ES Wed 9-14-11

Yesterday's trading topic mentioned the single pritn of 1151.25 as the long signal from single prints if we were to trade down to it:
Well shortly after the open we traded to the low of the day at 1150.50 triggering that long with 0.75 point draw down on the trade. The high of the day was 1170.50 so the best possible run-up/profit on that trade was 19.25 points.

The other red dotted line that you see on the chart at 1158.25 was a short signal for single prints created on 9/9 but because we opened above it it was untradable and considered filled in.

The other single prints that I have on my radar are 1205.75 from 9/1 in L bracket (short) and a long at 1125.25 from 8/23. Neither of which are very close at the moment so unlikely that there will be a single print trade today (Wednesday).

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ES overnight 14 September 2011
what was your initial short Bruce ? thanks as always and great trading !
great trading bruce
Reuters FINALLY came up with the news that precipitated that move:
Austrian parliamentary committee failed to approve the European Financial Stability Facility upgrade. The Austrian finance minister said the Lower House cannot vote on changes in the euro zone bailout fund as planned after the committee's decision
And then the austrians denied the report.....

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2011 09 141108
big boys in there

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2011 09 141130
am i see it rite the vol is driing up on up side??
it is crazy news-driven day. Now they wait for German-French statement
Della, re chart above , looks like the big short (see previous chart)at 1167 exited
1180 and 1197.5 corrections to previous post
typing fast not my strong point
have a good night