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2011 09 211230
Originally posted by prestwickdrive

Moody's downgraded B of A's long term debt

IMF warns: "Euro banks should recapitalize. Facing E$60 Bln hit from Greek bonds, E$80 Bln from Ireland and Portugal."

I wonder where these money are going to come from. Guess China would be buying Acropolis.
Wells Fargo also downgraded by Moody's.
BofA: we disagree with Moody's downgrade.
Lets see W. Buffet pay higher taxes on his BofA OF course he is getting 10% long term, so probably will claim capital loss....hypocrite.
sorry for the rant
Originally posted by Lisa P

Wells Fargo also downgraded by Moody's.

Now Citigroup too.
Every time there is a push down on ES, there is a whole 2-tick "progress" and 5-point "back-off".

Going to take a lunch break.
Lisa are you long to the VWAP
Della, I am not trading this. Best not to trade: news every minute, no volume, before the report....take a lunch
Appreciate the sentiment but it's not about that. It was an event trade(earnings,fed,etc...) He/She who hesitates is lost.
No news. No volume. Price is always the leading indicator. :)
1998 was resistance. Didn't make it?
Stopped at 1996.50 I think.
The 1182 target was missed by a tick. Took about 4 minutes top to bottom. That was the event.
Correction stopped below 1189. Other levels represented in corrections/ pauses and 1260 exceeded. Extension.
This was posted pre fed announcement. The objective is to be right, in the trade, even if 98 was hit.

Originally posted by destiny

Originally posted by DavidS

Trade plan
1- shoots up to 1193.50 or higher to 1197, short as 1198 R level
2-drops below lod, go with it using 1189, 1187 as s/r line
1181-2 the 38%, target below that would be 1175,1171, or lower(1160)
above 1198 will reevaluate
between em all is 1193.50 key level imo and working good above and below so far today
1189 should have been a buy signal? there's a message there somewhere 1193.50 the key to me
maybe will muddle around in the area
Magic Beans!

You were right on the MONEY. CONGRATULATIONS.
using price as leading indicator
thinking overall down but subject to change my mind