ES Thursday 9-29-11

I thought that we could use a refresher and some basics in case we have some new folks here. Most will know this stuff but hopefuly this will inspire some questions or help clear up any questions regarding the use of high and low volume in your analysis. Here is todays chart with the key areas labelled for Thursdays trade.
Click image for original size
Short at 1147.75 stp at B.E. 1st objective at 1141 2nd objective at 1131, possibly midnight tonight.

ES now trading 1145. at 13:49 E.T.

Yes BM I will post a chart latter saying why.

Stop out B.E. 1147.75 @ 13:57 Will try again latter.
LOL sorry i got tide-up in other things and wasn't able to post timely. ES hit the objective at 1141.00 and currently testing it as S/R.

ES trading 1140.50 @ 14:08
Just wanted to weigh in here. Bruce, Lorn et. al. and all the questions, comments and answers from others in this topic are absolutely great. It dawned on me that I was reading some "real" and usable analysis and strategy that goes way beyond what any trading book or trading tutorial can communicate.

This is the best topic/thread today that I've seen since I showed up at this popsicle stand a couple of years ago - period! So much value offered and lots of great learning, sharing and trading! There's much to be said about rereading this thread from beginning to end multiple times ... and referencing the charts. Obviously air and triples (and other terms that may be unknown to some) etc. are ancillary info that can be clicked on for a definition ... with further explanation available using the search capabilities.


(btw, nice to see ya back Lorn!)

Totally agree with MM - Great Info. Thanks All.
Agree, it's such a relief to find you folks, Great to be in presence of MP & VP traders especially when no one is trying to sell you some BS indicators or subscriptions, Thank you
I agree completely. Used to try to trade on MP alone. It just doesn't work for me, but add all the SR levels and Volume profile and it all comes together. This is the most valuable place I've found to date.
we are back to HV of the 9/26 37.25 around
bruce said that this morning
bruce you think move back to 42.50 LV area??
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