ES Tuesday 10-11-11

The following resistance points are created from trade on 9-20 and 9-21.

1193.75 Low volume

1200 key number

1205 - 1206 Low volume and the best low volume number as we move up..assuming we move up

support points are created from Mondays trade at :

1186 - 1188 low volume

1182.50 peak volume - I will not use this area for entry

1180 - 1181 low volume

1175.75 - 1176.50 low volume

71.50 - breakout point from overnight trade

as usual the low volume is where the better trades are at.

Honorable mention to the 1214 - 1215 area in case we really get a move up
Saw that air from 93.00 to 91.75, can we go down to 86.75?
ES hit my stp 1190.75 for a loss of 2 pts. Will try it again latter.
ES now trading 1191.00 @ 10:55

Originally posted by sandoxe

Long 1192.75. Stp 1190.75 1200 objective.

ES now trading 1193.25 @ 10:47 E.T
bruce did you get 94 from 9/21 and or 9/19
88.75 still has air in it if we get there
So far ES has retrace to 1187.75 or 50% from 1180.75 low @ 08:50 to 1194.00 high @ 10:45
I wanted to buy there but it got away from me. Will see if comes back for a retest and if my buy set-up is congruent with it. I will buy. It's going to go back to test that 1194.75. I got to wait for a good set-up.-.
Will see.

ES now trading 1191.25 @ 11:47
Slovakia is to vote soon
I am not entering any trades now.
EU to propose bank recapitalization tomorrow
really seems like they want to get back into the 85.50 - 86 area still...low volume still there!
volume traders who trade over lunch would really like to see this stay below the high volume at 91 - 91.50..we have peak volume from today and the 60 minute high there
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