ES Tuesday 10-11-11

The following resistance points are created from trade on 9-20 and 9-21.

1193.75 Low volume

1200 key number

1205 - 1206 Low volume and the best low volume number as we move up..assuming we move up

support points are created from Mondays trade at :

1186 - 1188 low volume

1182.50 peak volume - I will not use this area for entry

1180 - 1181 low volume

1175.75 - 1176.50 low volume

71.50 - breakout point from overnight trade

as usual the low volume is where the better trades are at.

Honorable mention to the 1214 - 1215 area in case we really get a move up
covering at 85.75 print....try to hold two
tryingto get full air fill and then 82.75..
moving final to 83.75 as target
great trading, Bruce
flat at 84 even....that bell curve behaved perfectly!! hopefuly some saw how we created low volume ( air pocket)today right thorugh yesterdays low volume.....a trade u just have to take..
thanks lisa...u will find that when we get cheated one day ( like yesterdays early trending action) then we get paid well the next morning as everone wants REVENGE...for lack of a better word!!
Bruce, new to this. Been following for a while. Trying to learn MP. I understood everything except your 83.75 target. You nailed it but where did it come from? No hurry, just interested.
great question and I happened to snap a chart while holding those last runners....look at the huge volume in the histogram on the right...I wanted to get out in the 83.75 as that is where all the volume is now accumulating
Click image for original size
Bruce, Thanks. And thanks for the graphic (and all the others you post) I appreciate your willingness to keep us informed. I hope I can grasp this stuff.
Nice calls and trades BM.! Looks like we are going to be trading between the pivot 1180.00 and 1190/92 small channel till ES breaks out.
Above 1192.00 I will be looking for 1200.00 as the objective.

Below 1180 pivot. I will be looking for 1173 MDP area as the objective.

ES now trading 1186.25 @ 10:19
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