ES Thursday 10-20-2011

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2011 10 201214
lisa it looks like they just got hit at that price
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2011 10 201214

Della, volume below is still low, more longs came at 93.50, watching
Lots of support between 1193 and 1190. Daily support trend line crossing today at about 1190. Moving below that trend line will open the door for 1168 and 1149 objectives in next few days.
ES now trading 1193.50 @ 12:19 E.T.
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ES moved below yesterday's 1201.50 low. and testing it right now as S/R, failure to find support here will target Fibonacci projections down to 1192 and 1186.00. 1186 was 10/19 15:30 low. Will see if it give to us.

ES now trading 1199.50 @ 11:29 E.T.

As always, the market has the last word and in due time ill show us the way.

For the next hours, the next days, next weeks, next moths, next years to come, I see for you the same I see for my self: Having the very best of luck, fun, awesome, incredible profitable trading experience!!
have to leave. be back after 2 PM
thanks lisa
although we might end up revisiting the 85.25 level or so rburns mentioned (which is also an important low volume zone bruce has mentioned many times) i doubt we will go right through that mountain of volume just below it may take some time
the new low in the lunch-hour. this is dead-time now.
after looking at a 30minute chart, downside risk might only be 90.25

I try to shut down the computers by noon because things can get goofy once the lunch-hour comes in. (goofy is a technical term) If current lift cannot exceed 1202.75 and prices start lower again, it is more of a gamble for downside. Wierd things can happen OpEx week.

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screenhunter01 oct 20 12 25
Only thing I'll add here is 1203 is the 38% correction level of 1185-1230 range
1208.25 the 50%
now testing 1204
1200 has to hold for any lift to be sustained
11475 the intraday 50% level
this 07 is really getting a work out
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I say we all pitch in and fire a couple of McDonald's "happy meal" gift certificates to Bruce when his "reputation" number busts 50K. He's almost there. Any takers?

I've tried to buy Bruce trading books in the past but he keeps on turning me down. He's a very hard man to give gifts to but if he'll accept a gift I will happily join in.