ES Thursday 10-20-2011

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DJI using 11525 with 11400 area 50% level
11650 above
Vpoc keeps flipping between 08.50 and 06.50 representing the current neutral trade going on. Yesterday prices consolidated above that 1215 LVN. Now they are consolidating below it. Trade the edges as to clear side has the advantage right now.
Just popped, after a decent move down - maybe end of current move

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2011 10 201101
also my chart shows NQ closed the old gap of 10/12
what a mess.

I mentioned the 600xma earlier this week.
Price is now testing ait again (1199=600xma on RTH only 5min bars)

if bounce finds resistance 1202 area and starts lower, 87 area should show up (Lows of 10-18-11).

50% of last week's range is 1196.

50% of this week's range is 1108
every level broken needs to be retaken and held
1200 up to bat
volume peeps got any targets above?
watching LV area for 92. to 95. area
DavidS, volume distribution

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2011 10 201120
chance of minor reprieve right now as the recent swing L was accompanied by a positive divergence in the $TICK.

I still think 1200-1202.50 as resistance now.
ES moved below yesterday's 1201.50 low. and testing it right now as S/R, failure to find support here will target Fibonacci projections down to 1192 and 1186.00. 1186 was 10/19 15:30 low. Will see if it give to us.

ES now trading 1199.50 @ 11:29 E.T.

As always, the market has the last word and in due time ill show us the way.

For the next hours, the next days, next weeks, next moths, next years to come, I see for you the same I see for my self: Having the very best of luck, fun, awesome, incredible profitable trading experience!!
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I've tried to buy Bruce trading books in the past but he keeps on turning me down. He's a very hard man to give gifts to but if he'll accept a gift I will happily join in.