ES Friday 10-28-2011

Yesterday's profile with a fib projection pointing down. I'll add that projections down from the O/N high and the secondary high at 1282.25 both have zones in the 1272.50 area which is lining up nicely with that important LVN at that level.

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great trade Bruce
77.75 is next target if lucky..want to target in front of midrange
This hour high is a real bugger...

Originally posted by BruceM

77.75 is next target if lucky..want to target in front of midrange
Tx s Lisa...finally got one to run a bit
Originally posted by Lorn

This hour high is a real bugger..

Yup, I got taken out...
74.00 magnet
narrow range day unlike yesterday makes it hard.
for the bulls to win this day they need to have 78 - 79 turned into support and very soon...much the same way that the 66 -67 area did yesterday
82.25 dt looks to be a target
failure at this 78 area to hold longside seems to imply they want 74 and lower...there are good reasons I don't trade inside the hour range later in the day and always prefer to trade at extremes of ranges...IT"S FREAKIN HARD TO FIND ANYTHING THAT WORKS !!!

a bigger picture seems that they are filling in the upper half we talked about earlier...not enough time to really fill in all of the lower half today but they could START to fill it in and finish up on monday!!
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