ES Trading for 11-2-11

These are the low volume areas where I will look to initiate, given Market Delta signal.

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now on both sides of the IB...this is a bad time for trends so expecting the huge selloff now is not a high probability trade...of course it could happen but not a usual thing...good luck to those holding on for the big score

better trades will come on any attempt back up into the 29 - 31.25 from below ..especially once air fills
ideal short point for me to start looking is above if the signal comes in the 28.25 - 1230 zone...I've lowered it down a bit..

midrange on the day is 1230...
E.W. (Elliot Wave) Traders. Notice that the price made a (v) wave of 3 (seeing 3 min. chart) Now working on wave 4 and as always some zig-zags, (again 3 min. chrt, during lunch) ) possibly abcde format and then the 5 wave down. (some profits should have being taking at 1223.00 evaluation area, and entering short again in the 1227.00 or at high of "e" )

Will see, In due time the market will show us the way.

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ES tested 1237.00 at 12:40 and failed to overcome it. short 1236.50 Stp now at B.E.
For E.W. traders. 10M, chart we are in 3rd wave down. Count void if above 1238.75. first objective 1220.00 .- supports for trade evaluation 1227 area. 1223.00, 1220.00.

Below 1220. -. 1216.00 and 1208.50

ES now trading 1230.75 @ 12:57

As always, the market has the last word and in due time will show us the way.

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1237.25 is 38% ret. from yesterday's low and 1283.50 high. Price is testing it as resistance (ES has tested it overnight and it's back to test it) Overcoming 1237. 25 and testing as support (3/5 min. chart) will target 1248.00 by end of session.
Failure to find support at 1237.25 will target yesterday's low and much lower in few days.

ES trading now 1235.75 @ 11:45

Got that on my plate as well. Bernanke could give everyone indigestion though at 2:15.

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ideal short point for me to start looking is above if the signal comes in the 28.25 - 1230 zone...I've lowered it down a bit..

midrange on the day is 1230...
trying to shoot for 25.50...
not convinced we are gonna get too much more on the downside....we are on a neutral day and trading back into the big freaking bell curve from yesterday that u folks mentioned...i certainly don't expect to just slice through that...

we are still on thebull side of that 20- 21 area we went on about this morning value is higher today than yesterday!

I think I'm gonna change the name from "runner" contracts to
" gambler " contracts...many days that's what they feel like outside of the first 90 minutes especially

conflicting info for me is 21.25 if not stopped out on the higher trade now
dang blastit !!! got stopped at 26.75 and then re- entered 27.25...double potential 30 minute bars at lows and highs...a 30 minute close above 25 will make me avoid any other trades today...trying to press shorts but may be way off
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great lorn...trying one more time at 29.25...that was the 50% test...small...
and this is breaking the rules a bit...hence will take lots of good buying to get outside YD highs and hold it out there...

amazing u paper traders can even trade this stuff!!!
I want just the opposite....please post MORE.....this would be typical of the fib traders when backed into a corner....they would want an excuse to not have to demonstrate over time that they can trade fibs real time. They would want to stop posting!

I've busted my hump here for years posting my trades and my thoughts as close to my entires as I possibly can. Good and bad...folks should see that the first 90 minutes are my thing and then after that my trades don't work as well. It gets ugly sometimes...So now you have a great either rise above and prove it can be done with fibs...or back down....

we'll see how this plays out...usually it is some "after the fact " stuff that gets posted...

I'm heading out for some overdue family vacations so won't be posting for a few weeks or trading. I want nothing more than to have a forum where there is lots of cool and educational stuff that folks can try to learn from and duplicate over time.

All methods and ideas are always welcome here but posting some lines on the chart after the fact doesn't do much. Mp isn't the only answer but is for big deal really... I'm always looking to learn too and I'm just not learning anything about actual trading from the fib posts. Perhaps that can change.

I wish everyone the best and don't want to continue an "argument". No extra words or comebacks to me please. Lets just move forward from here. The proof will be in the posts.


EDIT: I'm sending Sandxe a private message so there is no way to avoid this post.
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Hey, Bruce, there's no need for me to post. I really thought we can all work together, but I can see that I was wrong.-. You have people here that needs you. I will stop posting, since my posts are not really for this forum.

Right now, next hours, next days, next weeks, next months and next years to come, I see for you the same I see for my self: Having the very best of luck, fun, awesome, incredibly profitable trading experience!!