ES Thursday 11-3-11

Hey Bruce, I just hope you are a good sport and keep posting the way you always have!

I know I said that I will not post any more but NickP got me going with he's reverse psychology.

Basically today, I pointed out and trade from the 1237.00 area bc it is 38% Fibonacci retrace from 1283.50 high made on 10/28 at 16:01 and 1208.50 low made 11/01 at 08:52.
1237 area is also a Fibonacci 23.8% and it's acting as resistance. If you look at your intraday charts, you will see that the ES tested that area many times including late this afternoon in the O/N and was not able to find support.

Now ES is moving back down to test the next support area again, at 1214.50. Failure here will target 1204.00 and possibly 1178, same objectives as previously. Stops started above today's high now at B.E. 1236.00. Will see where it takes me.

Below is the same daily chart I had posted for some time now, last time was yesterday at 02:00.

Right now, next hours, next days, next weeks, next months and next years to come, I see for you the same I see for my self: Having the very best of luck, fun, awesome, incredibly profitable trading experience!!

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Tradezilla no offense but your last three posts above are not what we have come to expect as helpful. One has no reason to short given, second post you contradicted yourself in 9 min, and the third you past posted a winning trade. Bruce pls call home:}
RB, I'm def not trying to replace Bruce by any means.. I'm sorry if you don't have any take aways from my post.. Actually, I think there's a wealth of info there but we all look at differently and look at dif data.. I'll try to take some notes from you in the future...;)
Re target 1261.25, I posted above. Looking for a pullback to get us there

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2011 11 031452
Pls enlighten me as to what wealth of information were in the posts I mentioned.
If you want a simple reason... upper end of a 2 sided market.. not likely to runaway to the upside... DX@support.. The expectation is that it won't run away to the downside but you never know coming off the top like that.. moving into TOD and if it can't go higher, it will "try" to go lower.. how far? I don't know but it was worth a shot to me... Ofcourse there's the tick forming lower highes telling me there may not enough momentum to take out the highs..........................................................
Good stuff
Now just cut and paste them into your prior posts.
ha.. I don't understand how you guys vote.. you ask for a reason and yet, vote me down.. what I gave was a snapshot in time, not the call of the day.. If you don't like the analysis, why not give a rebuttal? Even better, why not also offer an analysis rather than just bash others... Again, we all trade differently.. I don't use an exact method but a weighing process and I'm the first to admit its not perfect.. but that's how I play the odds... no need to be a hater...
Sorry friend I have no hate.
We mearly are looking for a reason and or a level you are looking at, that we can understand, which is posted before the trade.
Or whoever it is that is enthusiastically voting me down.. I apologize that my posts are not as good as yours and that my contributions do not meet your standards. So let me make it up to you by trying harder next time in giving much more detailed explanations until you are satisfied.. BTW-I've never voted anyone down here, and I certainly wouldn't vote like that without explanation, but such is forum life...
the #s for targets posted in this thread today ... 1259 / 1265 / 1261.25 and some others .. me had #s in the same area ...

1252.75 / 1258.50 / 1262.25 .. I make a zone with them and measure between:

zone one 1252.75/1258.50 ... zone two 1258.50/1262.25

see zone two; to measure the first move into the zone use the fib retrace tool ... pull from 1258.50 up to 1262.25 .. edit the tool to only show 6.18 & 75.0 ... the next move into the zone the fib would be reversed and use 50.0 & 61.8

we'll see how that plays out tonight if es moves back into the zone
but 1262.25 is the main target
doing battle at that 1262.25 this EARLY a.m. ..