ES Friday 12-9-11

Yesterday the ES formed a Trend Day pattern on the market profile

As expected, this morning trade has bounced back into yesterday's range

We have a gap fill at 1230.25 (March 2012 contract)

50% of yesterday's wide range (41 ES points) is 1245.50
(below that level trend bias remains short)

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2011 12 091006
sold 43.75 again...40.50 is target on this sell area up at 46 ...
$ticks strong so playing a bit smaller and quicker in general today
revising target to 41...
I would short @1241.25 for 2 points
I see a H&S formation pattern to the downside on the 5 min and 3min charts.
Volume spike

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2011 12 091042
the inability to hold and close well outside ( above ) that afternoon high and the inability to hold outside the O/N high is good for us shorts....

I'm holding one runner to try for 36 but we can still expect in other's a hard hold
we can add that being stuck inside the IB is never easy initiating is hard here and I don;t do that...holding runner(s) is hard too but mentally easier for me
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Thanks to all. Have a good weekend