ES Friday 1/13/23012

14 OUT OF 20 TRANS STOCKS DOWN JP morgan earning below not good
88 rat 81.25
I like how the Overnight went through the ledge from yesterday at the 86.25 number...that becomes reistence to me in day session...specifically 86 - 88.25...then 91 above that .....

other numbers I like are 83.75...a critical one as the volume came in to attract buyers yesterday...what will they do in the day session on a retest from below?.. yesterdays lows as all the buyers get smoked below there...and then 74 - 77 becomes a key zone below here I have 66 - 68 as next key.
If you look at POC we are below them this morning last 3 days worth
Hit -4, the pitbulls would have been successful if they got the 80.75 fill
looking for short above the first 30 min
Support of multi-VA zones

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2012 01 131009
alot of longs getting hit alot of contracts on this leg down
I have VPOC=1272.75
s&p to downgrade austria and france from their triple a ratings...just one notch, i guess that helped the small bounce from the lows here, as a more severe downgrade had been feared for over a month (especially for france)
What does it matter if France is not AAA rated? US is not AAA rated and US markets are flying...
it matters for efsf purposes and because only two nations (germany and france) can be called the core of the emu, and if one starts to be perceived by investors as part of the periphery (and not the core) then there isn't much hope left for the euro (hence the euro trading down to 1.265, fresh new lows)
yeah ..I see that Rb...was really hoping they would have pushed it back for the 80.50 on that...lots of numbers in that 86 - 88 area....too late for me too ...a real neutral week