ES Friday 1/13/23012

14 OUT OF 20 TRANS STOCKS DOWN JP morgan earning below not good
88 rat 81.25
Markets reaction to news is rarely based on "common sense". Rather some sort of misplaced perception.
Further rumors that contries to be downgraded are Austria, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and, of course, France. TV: apparently downgrade would be at 2PM (before bond market close). Heads up...
Now I need coffeee AND chocolate to trade today...

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2012 01 131137
yes..perfect hits on the minus 4 and the minus 8 today the tic.......those who don't like the mechanical entries would be wise to just know the minus 4 - 5.5 zone and the minus 8 - 10 point zones everyday....
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Hit -4, the pitbulls would have been successful if they got the 80.75 fill
waiting for either 83.75 or 77.25 to print before even thinking about trading now
expecting new highs as that is a poor top now..
WSJ printed the rumors that France is to be downgraded 1 notch
just curious if knowing the news and the "WHY" of a market move helps anyone trade short term? I can't figure it out myself

revising my buy zone down to 74.50 - 76.50
you are right, Bruce - often counterintuitive. But at least I will know not to trade at 2
yeah ..I see that Rb...was really hoping they would have pushed it back for the 80.50 on that...lots of numbers in that 86 - 88 area....too late for me too ...a real neutral week