ES Thursday 2-2-12

Numbers for today:

1327 - 1329

1321 - 1323.50 **** vwap in here and Low volume spot yesterday

1318.50 **** high volume

1314.50 - 1316 ****** key ledge support...possible breakdown point

1311.75 LV area

1306 - 1308

many numbers are part of yesterdays numbers that never came into play as per the video.
Now we broke the recent HL. This trend has to change soon.
nothing working on 22.75 print..flat
Click image for original size
To keep with the reversal continuation to the downside we have to break the 22.75 area to a newer low.
good job johnpr2010, i hope you continue to post on a daily basis in the future

it helps to see your charts
nice hold John...
I could be shorting @22.50 again.
L 20.75..trying to get back to 22.50 but will look to tighten on 22 print
22 is the center of this range...simply yesterdays range divide by two..
Almost a tick to my short...
My data had the gap close 1321.....I donot like to trade in the middle especially as a day wears on......My specialty is a fader at extremes...the middle isn't an extreme to me...this is not only in the center of a two day range but also inside the IB

with volume tappering off I don't think any down move now will go too far but I'm not trading anymore today. Who knows if anyone is gearing up in front of tomorrows 8:30 it's risky to me..

I never studied Elliot and most of the posters I've seen have not been consistent on forums regarding it. No offense...if you know it and can use it than please post about it .....the "old" Bruce would fight and argue and bash elliott....the new bruce is open and receptive to all....

As I type I see triples up above ( not trading for them)so that to me is even more evidence that a down move will not stick now but if u r short then I hope it keeps dropping for you..