ES Wednesday 3-21-12

A bit different post to launch the ES Daily topic today. There are SUPPORT/RESISTANCE fee for services out ther that I've alluded to before. One had a promo online gig Tuesday night. They had a chart with just S/R lines drawn in cyan based on past chart price swings. Then, after describing how they incorporate multi-time frame S/R, Fib analysis, the variety of calculated pivot formulas, Ewave, Moving Averages, Volume Profile, Market Profile, and the KITCHEN SINK thrown in ... they showed the subsequent weighted statistical alalysis chart displaying their final and best way cool UBER S/R ZONES in thick Red lines. Here's a comparison of the initial chart ... and the proprietary high-end analysis chart. Ya gotta love this:

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pivot farm power zone pic from 32012

I've got the before chart on the left with the after chart on the right. And, I drew Yellow lines across both that shows how much high-end statistical/multi-framed/20-types of analysis hones down the valuable and high-probability UBER ZONES for S/R levels/zones.

Notice anything interesting? They're the freaking same price levels except for one they "killed off" on the initial/left chart ... it wasn't a good line to begin with. So, ya can pay for this stuff or do your own ... easy peasy! And now, MY famous high intensity S/R MONKEY ZONES. Btw, they were derived from only the prior S/R levels I visually observed and drew in ... the same as the fee for service (left chart) from a vendor. I'm curious how similar the MONKEY ZONES line up with the vendorama's zones for Wednesday's trading levels. Anyway, hope it's helpful to some as a MAP for trading tomorrow.

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kick ass sr zones for 32112

These are the official KICK ASS MONKEY ZONES!

I'm MM, and I approve this message.
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pivotfarm 3 21