ES Friday 5-11-12

Here are my Monkey Zones of PASR on a 30min chart (all hours with gray background being non-RTH price). Hope it's helpful as a MAP for trading coming into Friday.

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es 30m sr for 51112

Funky market action now ... so take these levels with a shaker of salt, but hopefully they're something that's helpful along with whatever strategery you may be employing.
Okay ... BRUCE ... post at least an initial idea for folks here. Otherwise, I'll tell 'em how you used to dress up as a kiddo in your mom's old #%&*(@ ... HA! Think I'm lying?
damn u Monkey ! Ha..only thing I got is playing for a retest of the 50 - 51 area. So anything near 46 - 47 is my first buy zone....then if wrong will look to buy down near 43 area but the main goal now is for that retest above...

that's all I general we need to be less agressive if we get under BOTH the range of yesterday and the current Overnight don't wantto be caught on the wrong side on a Friday!

trends move faster when we get beyond the extremes of both of those ranges.
if anyone is trying the longs I personally wouldn't wait to 1350 to take something off...don't get greedy and take something at 49 to be safe if given the opportunity
I believe trading now could be dangerous since @9:55 is coming out the report that could tsunami this market pretty good. Let's see what happens in the next 15 min.
very common to retest breaks from the 15 minute first period range and we have air there so I'm looking to fade up here at 53 and then call it a wrap
taking second and final try for the 51 retest from 54.50..I want this to get back under that spike at 53.75 and accelerate down soon or else it will fail
one loss and one break even on these short trades posted...last try is from 57.75 off the O/N high

see my site
thanks for the early analysis and for posting the trades bruce !
trying to target the volume hole at 1355.75 and then tighen up
no problem Nick..sure wish the shorts were working a bit better but we still have some time...longs worked well but now having some trouble on the short side..still think the 56 will come but it would probably be better to wait unti we take outthe low of a previous 5 minute bar..otherwise this is agressive trend we are fighting
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well Monkey I think today was an overload of posts by me and we don't have many here but I'm thankful for those who do read this stuff....

Nah ... great stuff as usual!!