ES Thursday 9-27-12

some level I'm watching..on video I say R2 when referring to S2...also didn't mention that the weekly IB is 12 points ..that is the range of Monday and Tuesday if you subtract 12 points from tuesdays lows you get 1423 !! look where are low so far is for the half of that range is 6 we can add and subtract 6 points from Tuesdays lows to see if we get any confluence..

rounding I get 6 points off of the 1434 ( I'm splitting the weekly IB)low of tuesday///so ::

1440 - Near single prints and yesterdays O/N highs
1428 - ( right near our 1427 number)

u get the idea

we doubled weekly IB by Wednesdays trade....that seems too I don't expect that current weekly low to be broken really quick
No video below? Try this link: es9-27.swf

thank you both