Es 3-14

nothing great today

key areas




up above I like 1556 and 1561

basic video ideas
No video below? Try this link: thursday_3-14.swf

In general this week didn't offer that much opportunity in terms of range but the videos show how we can use the O/N data and reference points to confirm our areas of interest. The basic ones be the range xtremes, Va areas, vpoc, poc and even standard pivot numbers based on day session data
Has the paint dried, yet?
whew ETM, that would be an account killer trying to figure out which side of the IB will break....real glad to sit this one out...I'm searching youtube as to how to get rid of moles in my yard...LOL...the little devils...!!

You need a MOLENATOR

pump flammable gas into mole tunnel

see video

ps thanks for your comments today.
oh yeah..that looks like fun Paul..thanks
The easiest way to get rid of moles is by applying grub killer. Initially, the moles will go a little crazy looking for food. But then they'll leave.
Thanks ETM..I'll have to try that...It seems they are all over the place now that the snow is melting
a full projection of the 1541 - 51 range up into 1561 goes well with Double the IB projection....logic says that as long as they hold that evil 53.50- 54.25 then that should be the plan for them today to target
Hello gents. Just logged in.
hey Lisa - good to c ya here...nothing going on for me now trading ...I'm wondering who is going to give up this battle first...I like the way they held that current developing Va low...

my guess is that they may push out the highs if some volume can show up as all the shorts get trapped....watching the current VA high at 55.25 but probably not gonna trade as I don't do well on breakout trades

this is a dead market now !
I am expecting the value area to expand and become wider...only one way that is gonna happen and that is to make new highs or lows...this is a two point Value area...what is that ???? zoinks....I was expecting a 4 - 5 point VA!!