Es 3-14

nothing great today

key areas




up above I like 1556 and 1561

basic video ideas
No video below? Try this link: thursday_3-14.swf

I'm hunting shorts above the O/N high as it is close to that 56 number....keeping in mind we gapped higher outside of value so fades are more aggressive up here
Bruce... the old me would of asked how you got that 56 number with no data up there... but... now I know... 56.50! It's a slow long process for me!
I'm trying to get to the O/N midpoint which is just above the 51 number..what I don't like is this double top up at the highs at the key 56 number
open range is right at R1 level and vpoc of On session...tricky stuff up here..had to scale something off ..runners will probably get stopped on retest of good spot for them
trade queen - there is an error on my video so I am told....Us MP players take the monday - Tuesday range and then add half that range to mondays highs and then the full range.. to get projections...

so 1/2 the range gets us to the 56 area and the R2 is 56.50 know where the open and plus 4 is... you know where the O/N high u know why I was short up in there

also MP players will take the first week of the month ( first 5 days of trade) and come up with monthly projections....I don't use those
Again... Many big THANKS Bruce!
just took last one of two remaining contracts off at 52....this is hitting the critical range xtreme now

gap close is a t 50 .25 for the gap traders....lots of numbers in here ..most important to me is this bracket high as mentioned on the vid
couldnt agree more tradequeen..thanks bruce
last runner stopped at 53.50..that is time POC and todays midpoint...also R1 today...I need more info before doing anything else..once again stuck inside the hour range....that high doesn't look that solid with the single prints on the lows off our critical zone
here is what I am expecting for anyone else waiting for the Ib break...that 53.50 is more important than I thought so far today
No video below? Try this link: tursday_final.swf

I am expecting the value area to expand and become wider...only one way that is gonna happen and that is to make new highs or lows...this is a two point Value area...what is that ???? zoinks....I was expecting a 4 - 5 point VA!!