ES 3-26-13

The Va high from yesterday falls right at the POC from the current O/N session - 1549.50 .. so that is the magnet....I prefer to try sells above the O/N high as close to 1551 -1553.50 as possible...that is the start of the single prints and the IB range from yesterdays trade

I only really like longs initiated below the Low volume and the VA low at the 1540 - 1541 area...

multiple reports at 10 a.m to be careful of..

the other magnet if we can get a good runner trade will be the time spent at 47.50 yesterday which is also the closing price..

be careful if you diddle in the middle today !! I think it pays to be more selective than usual
the O/N high has changed so we will be opening in the single print area from yesterday....

other area will be last weeks highs - but hoping we can get a good short in this zone first
revising first target to 50.25...last weeks POC ! hoping they don't shake me out
I'm on second try on short side from 54.25..reports coming soon too is a big concern
went flat at 54.75..too close to reports now
as long as 56 - 57 can hold a rally we have a chance to still get to our 49 area magnet
Thx for the analysis Bruce
I'm starting to look again above last weeks high which goes well with the R1 today...biggest concern is that we haven't hit the magnet and we are now ABOVE last months and last weeks POC' 4 is almost here now too..something doesn't feel good about this for me so trading smaller
I made this earlier before/ as report hit and posting it now helps distract me from over managing runners..remember that the pitbull uses 2.5 and 4 increments for a's in Vogue now to post about normal swings as Ft71 does now but that was just stolen from the pitbull which been preaching about it for u should know when you are dropping back or rallying up 2.5 - 4 points off any intraday swing to take something off...

besides your normal targets of vwap, poc's etc

and damn we really need to keep this under that single print area from yesterday...
No video below? Try this link: Tuesday.swf

sorry bruce and gang for the double post..good luck enjoy
I should be the one apologizing Duck..I just noticed your thread which was started ahead of mine I am the one who is sorry...just didn't see it when I started "sorry" !!
last weeks POC just printed and was suppose to be the first target earlier that failed to hit so I'm not gonna be a pig down here