ES 3-26-13

The Va high from yesterday falls right at the POC from the current O/N session - 1549.50 .. so that is the magnet....I prefer to try sells above the O/N high as close to 1551 -1553.50 as possible...that is the start of the single prints and the IB range from yesterdays trade

I only really like longs initiated below the Low volume and the VA low at the 1540 - 1541 area...

multiple reports at 10 a.m to be careful of..

the other magnet if we can get a good runner trade will be the time spent at 47.50 yesterday which is also the closing price..

be careful if you diddle in the middle today !! I think it pays to be more selective than usual
double red lines are the one minute opening range from Monday....see how market stopped there today so far.....point is to know where that one minute opening and your closing range is..

this went well with last weeks RTH high too...I don't think we are done up there but sure wish we would be
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multiple stops at 53.25 now..go get em !
i think most are just happy it started..
can u hear me fill at to learn to be more flex in plan...
a challenging day for runners ......especially for runners. ! are just some more thoughts and other reasons why I have those magnets where I do...biggest in concern is that the low volume single print breakdown point from yesterday may have turned into good all fades have been smaller up here for me

no pitbull window run yet today.....they still have some time if we are lucky
No video below? Try this link: tuesday_part_2.swf

last weeks POC just printed and was suppose to be the first target earlier that failed to hit so I'm not gonna be a pig down here