ES 5-9-13

Numbers I'm using on Thursday:

weekly r2 and daily r2 = 1636.50 - 1638 *****

Daily R1 =1632.75

LVN and VA high 1627.50, POC and VPOC 26.25, Pivot 1625.76

so 1625.75 - 1627.50 will be the critical zone

VA low and S1 level 1621.50 - 1622.75..afternoon pull back low is here too

1618.50 - yesterdays low...

1614 - 1616.50..big zone including last weeks highs, buying tail single prints and VA low of Monday...S2 level is here too
single print about to get filled in off the R1 level !!
29 and 27.75 need filling in if this day is to remain if anyone holding runners that would be good spots to cover additionals
Thanks for the input. The price went down to my order, but I didn't get filled. If I get filled, I'll post it.

I'm looking to risk about 0.25 points. Not sure about a target. If filled and the S&P breaks, I'll have a loose trailing stop. Probably exit if I can make 2 points.