ES 6-5-13

basic plan is to use the 30 area as a magnet but will watch the 26 - 24 area for clues and the 33 - 35 area..those are first two areas for me to trade...

heres why
No video below? Try this link: wednesday.swf

long trades initiated under 24 and near vpoc of O/N will use 26 and 27.50 as first targets...

buys in the 1620 - 1621 area will go for vpoc at 23.50 first

looks like we will open right at our key zone...u will need be aggressive of else wait for some movement..very hard and risky to just buy or sell on an open print
looking for longs in this buying tail and vpoc at 1623
with reports coming it is best to wait unless you have runners..I just went flat at 27.25...this is the post 8:30 report high...thank you Dr. Brett!!
fo reference my longs used the VA low of yesterday and the post report swing high as targets

I'm waiting till after 10 to trade now

see how the minus 2.5 went into the O/N VPOC/ buying tail area
certainly doesn't feel like a good breakout below the 20's yet..I think they want 23 again..seems like most of the volume came in up at the 22.75 ' in the data up there too
cool how they held the low of the day that made that buying tail....may can see that about 4 minutes into the 1618.50

they played well today...

nothing left to do as we are once again stuck inside the IB and I don't diddle in the middle !!

gap in data filled at O/N more objectives..

more aggressive traders will want to see this buying tail hold to go get the close of yesterday and higher..but O/N VPOC is in the way and yesterdays tail is erased

no clue for me so not holding now
good luck if you stay in
Im not leaving yet, but I sure understand why the floor would be done for business once that complete window run would happen... so far this is some booll poop for me today. Just not into it. So Bruce, your indecision is the only thing keeping me sane right now. Thanks!
bruce again thanks for taking the time to post
glad the posts are helpful...a very common pattern we see is that volume comes in BEFORE the breakout/breakdown point...then there is low volume once we get under ( in todays case) that breakdown point and the sellers get tired ( late sellers pile on) ..once they realize they are wrong and price isn't dropping very fast they start to cover which helps fuel the retest back up

I'd like to see what happens at 1616.75 if they can print it...otherwise best to just sit aside or to see if they can firm up prices ABOVE that O/N VPOC at 23.50

that 16.75 will be interesting....what I would really like to see is to have them blow through it with VOLUME....then see price dry up down closer to 1613.75 and then try to get long for the 16.75 retest from below..
I hope i didn't mess you up with the difference in terminology

any time we have only one 30 minute bracket trade at prices we have single prints...

so I refer to single prints as an air pocket that forms inside a days range...but single prints also happen when we have buying and selling tails at highs or lows
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bruce again thanks for taking the time to post
yeah, it's fun when a prediction hits...but I just want to make money trading !!
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today we had lots of confluence at those lows with multiple methods/ideas which increased the odds that somebody might be attracted to buy the low prices...

Re: Kool... I remember back even then you didn't like it very much. But the both of you would keep me in awe when either one of you nailed it!

Every once in a while I get lucky and the guys at work think I'm psychic. Wish my wallet believed that!