ES 6-5-13

basic plan is to use the 30 area as a magnet but will watch the 26 - 24 area for clues and the 33 - 35 area..those are first two areas for me to trade...

heres why
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here is the definition from the doesn't really matter what we call them as long as we know what they potential represent
that 16.75 was an old time poc and people are taught to trade at when they get it wrong they will take the 2 - 2.5 point stops they basically there is no reaction to get long so they sell to get drives price down and then we can look to get on board for the 16.75 retest from I am looking for that down good place to look I think..

it may not work but it is a good concept
1.5 the IB and an a=b, c=d projection is down here I am finding a way to get long down here
that was only regret is that it was outside my 90 minute window so I was going in lite...a great one to study and happens a lot..
here is a quick video of why that one worked and explains my thinking from the last few posts....gotta run
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u have good one bruce
cool..1/2 weekly projection is at 1609..and key S2 is at 08.50..this is also the lower edge of a bell this is a place of confluence

LVN is at 13.75 now...

gonna play small and then finally call it a day
beige book at 2 pm and twice the IB is hit real longs are the way for me as hopefully all those with short profits want to unwind and buy back fuel the pop up !!

they certainly aren't making this easy....

playing sense giving up the mornings gains or even a small fraction of that
covering all but one at 1611.75.....I had a small loss on first try so wanted to get that covered quicker than usual...volume building at 11.50 now don't want price far below there for final target of LVN

this is greedy on last one..i know that !!
we are 4 points off a low too....pigs only now !!
yeah, it's fun when a prediction hits...but I just want to make money trading !!
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today we had lots of confluence at those lows with multiple methods/ideas which increased the odds that somebody might be attracted to buy the low prices...

Re: Kool... I remember back even then you didn't like it very much. But the both of you would keep me in awe when either one of you nailed it!

Every once in a while I get lucky and the guys at work think I'm psychic. Wish my wallet believed that!