ES Tuesday 9-10-13

Gap up O/N as of now 8:44 est has not yet reached the upper gap of 81.50 from 8/14. Levels I am watching from a support/resistance viewpoint.
Above the gap 88.50 LVM
The upper Gap 81.50
76.00 LVM
Lower Gap 69.50
67.00 to 68.00 LVM and YD singles
61.00 LVM
The market spent a week in mid July in the 67.00 to 80.00 area, it may want to finish business here
cool...great stuff Bkay...we are in step and in the grove.......heres my babble...I think the only areas I may have that you don't is the 64 , 73.75.and 84.50 above ...
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shorted 79.75 and small....I have a bigger plan in RTH but this is where I begin....all my targets are going to be that 77.25 zone unless we start making new highs before RTH opens
when someone has a chance can they tell me if there is sound on the video today ??
Sound is good
On this new format I cant figure out how to like you Bruce but I do
best thing would be to see them push out that O/N high to get everyone yesterday....sells above that high will use the 80 as a first target,,,,but for me there is a 95 % chance that we will print down into the 76-77 zone and lower SOMETIME today
here's a pic of my lines as we wait for RTH...I'm still holding my short
Click image for original size
lines tuesday
77.50 is revised first target...gotta be able to read my own lines...still would prefer to see higher first for better sells
almost perfect...willl try to hold for two runners for 1675.75 but this first zone may turn to for me I want this open and drive to keep driving....DOWN
all those that held longer for the gap fill ( daltons definition of a gap) got paid out on the open print it will be interesting to see if new money can really come in if/when we happen to break the O/N high.....otherwise their covering of longs was going to lead to least that is my theory

my runners need to get back under that 77.50 line again...otherwise it's back to 79.75
how ugly I think this is...
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