ES Tuesday 9-10-13

Gap up O/N as of now 8:44 est has not yet reached the upper gap of 81.50 from 8/14. Levels I am watching from a support/resistance viewpoint.
Above the gap 88.50 LVM
The upper Gap 81.50
76.00 LVM
Lower Gap 69.50
67.00 to 68.00 LVM and YD singles
61.00 LVM
The market spent a week in mid July in the 67.00 to 80.00 area, it may want to finish business here
resold 80.50 but plan is still to sell above O/N highs...everything is smaller due to good first campaign...still expecting 75.75 to print
fascinating how everyone is trying to see if the gap is going to hold and bring price up to the 84 area....hope concern is that we are so close to O/N high and that is a 95 % probability of having a range run....I'd like to get that overwith or else just sell it off
all sells above On high need to use 79.75 as a target
I think we are now on target for the 75.50 ultimate target.......i will not sell if we make new highs above the current 82 high

so far they are doing what they we just need the new lows

those current 79 lows are in trouble for longs..

I have 81 and 80.75 working short
covering this at 81.50.....
only sells for me will be to see the 84.50 print or we need to get back under 80.75...look at gap in data and double lows at 79 on 5 minute data...i can't see that staying in the market like that...should get cleaned up....low volume rise....just shaking players out
here is gap in data and double low 79 and 79.25....they sure seem to be trying to accept the low of that gap day
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I agree Bruce, nothing of interest up here, all chop. Nothing for me unless below 76.Kudos though, you are a warrior.
how about some single prints off the Ib into our 84.50 area........or else lets see this Ib breakout fail
sure would like to see this current 30 minute bar close under the O/N high...that would put us back under IB and O/N high

yeah bkay this is a chop festival
how ugly I think this is...
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