ES Tuesday 9-10-13

Gap up O/N as of now 8:44 est has not yet reached the upper gap of 81.50 from 8/14. Levels I am watching from a support/resistance viewpoint.
Above the gap 88.50 LVM
The upper Gap 81.50
76.00 LVM
Lower Gap 69.50
67.00 to 68.00 LVM and YD singles
61.00 LVM
The market spent a week in mid July in the 67.00 to 80.00 area, it may want to finish business here
Chicago, 98 today
bruce that last video was the best.
92 now, we'll see if it gets there. Kinda like some of my trades
by the big falls it feels like 100 plus with humidity..
Now our little friend the profile has that "I want to test 84.00 " look to it. I won't be around to see if it goes. I'll watch from afar. Good luck to anyone putting something on this afternoon.
wow...that is ugly....stay cool and have a great night
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Chicago, 98 today
thanks's all about learning from our mistakes and the mistakes of others........

I must say that it really bothers me that we have a double low at just seems sloppy....considering this is almost a neutral day , I'd like to see us close neutral extreme and take out the low and get that dang blasted 75.75 I wanted earlier.....

I'm only gonna think about that idea unless we can poke under 78.50.....otherwise I'll let somebody else fight it out ...this day is just goofy to me

thanks again for the feedback
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bruce that last video was the best.
thanks's under the number of posts on the left side...looks like a hand giving a thumbs up or down........I just fiqured out how to find my messagesl through the website yesterday..........I can get them when I get an email notification but couldn't find them before that
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On this new format I cant figure out how to like you Bruce but I do
thanks steve for letting me know.....
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Sound is good
how ugly I think this is...
No video below? Try this link: tuesday_finale.swf