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ES Tuesday 9-10-13

Gap up O/N as of now 8:44 est has not yet reached the upper gap of 81.50 from 8/14. Levels I am watching from a support/resistance viewpoint.
Above the gap 88.50 LVM
The upper Gap 81.50
76.00 LVM
Lower Gap 69.50
67.00 to 68.00 LVM and YD singles
61.00 LVM
The market spent a week in mid July in the 67.00 to 80.00 area, it may want to finish business here
Is the market trying to hit some naked POC's on 8/14????
ok so far the evidence is leading to the Ib breakoiut failure...still won't be easy....for me it's going smaller and a wider stop from here
Originally posted by sharks57

Is the market trying to hit some naked POC's on 8/14????
There certainly are some up there that would make good targets
this 80 - 81 upper zone has been a tuff spot...we really got get under that and so far it's really a problem
still like the idea of those stops and gap at 79 but gheesh.....I'd like to think that is a selling tail on the highs....

just low volatility dribble!!

volume is gone..
It's still hot, everyone thinks it's still summer
there chipping at it ..buying impulses seem weaker on these last pushes up...

I think I have wishful thinking now
The profile sure doesn't make it look like it wants to go higher is a mistake video and why I was gunning for that 79.....I would have a different view as we rallied if I had that 82.50 snapped...I missed it and here is why..i would of had a better entry hgappens but I'm kinda disappointed when I miss something on my chart that is clearly seen
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yes...gonna be 91 here in VT tomorrow....where r u Bkay
Originally posted by bkay59

It's still hot, everyone thinks it's still summer
how ugly I think this is...
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