ES Wednesday 9-11-13

Heres how I see it so far...will come up with a plan closer to the open...and lets not forget those who died in the 9-11-01 massacre
No video below? Try this link: wednesday_levels.swf

taking something at 78 and moving stop on last two to 80.25....that is midpoint and entry point
good history of double IB lows to be run out...
80- 80.50 is the place I don't want to see it get over and hold over...c'mon...we all see that double low on the IB...lets get it taken out...only 10 minute left and IB will have official double low..
I think they are gonna take my runners but won't give up on that double low
spoke too soon..runners taken...need to see this get back under 79.25 before thinking about that low again
Ib has double low now.....if only we can find a way to go get it...getting back under yesterdays VA low would be a start...painfully's almost as if it's not even trading

value is building overlapping and lower so far today
ideal would be to see them fail at the 81.75 I thought would print before...if not I will watch for signs to see if that number will turn into support before yesterdays highs are run
i'm looking to find a long in the 81.75 - 80 .50 area to go get the highs....of RTH yesterday
long on 81.50...will watch any dip into 80 closely...keeping it small...outside my 90 minute play area
they will have fooled me if 80 prints.....
thanks Bruce, that was very helpful. I understand what that means now...