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ES Wednesday 9-11-13

Heres how I see it so far...will come up with a plan closer to the open...and lets not forget those who died in the 9-11-01 massacre
No video below? Try this link: wednesday_levels.swf

was gonna exit at market at 85.50 but now sitting here like a dumbass !!
dumbass no way..u just show the reality of trading..when you enter this business you are going to make mistake all along the way..thanks for your honestly
I'd really like to see the bracket test before they try to see what is up at 88.50 ....
no 87.25 so i finished for the day..hope things work bruce
what bracket are we talking about? IB High bracket? where that single print is also at 83?
took final off at 84.75...anyone remember our 84.50 number from the video ???

nuff said..good luck..hope it keeps selling if u r short
i'm gonna have to make a video for ya on that but it will have to wait until later or tonight daddy wolf....and yes ...single prints are below
Originally posted by daddywolf

what bracket are we talking about? IB High bracket? where that single print is also at 83?
daddywolf...had some extra time...just let me know if you actually see this...otherwise I will repost time framing and bracket tests
No video below? Try this link: daddywolf.swf

thanks Bruce, that was very helpful. I understand what that means now...
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