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ES Tuesday 9-17-13

Only two areas up top I am interested in and those are 92.50 - 93.50 ( Up against there now in O/N session) and 97.50 - 98.50...

1690 is my magnet price so sells on a push into those zones are my plan so far...

downside numbers remain the same as yesterday...

a slow push under current overnight low into the 86 - 87.50 zone is first buy alert zone if it comes today
I agree Bruce, actually was waiting for the 98.00 area before making a move
same here...i wanted 98.5 given that ib had closed and ibh was at 97.25...this grind up days are the worst unless you are long of course...

above 98.5 puts yest rth high back on queue
98.50 - 98.75 is the contract high before yesterdays gap opening and the selling tail is at that edge...
that is almost 120 minutes and no break of a bracket low.......interesting !!..that 95.50 is a cool spot.......perhaps they will want to see if buyers are interested above that 98.....just letting the trade run it's course from here and don't have a clue
I'm only holding two runners now....that ledge may torture us more at 95.50 so I needed to slim this down a bit more...nothing but an inside day so far
ancient chinese fortune teller tells me that this test will break that ledge....
fades didnt work to well today..does that mean wed is going to be good for us faders? am i right in my thinking?
Tomorrow, there is an anticipated "big" announcement by the Fed. Has the chance to be an unusual day.
On the short 98.00
1st Target just 96.50
anything can happen in the last 15-20m of trading...and nothing has logic in that period so they could well take that ledge out
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