ES Tuesday 9-17-13

Only two areas up top I am interested in and those are 92.50 - 93.50 ( Up against there now in O/N session) and 97.50 - 98.50...

1690 is my magnet price so sells on a push into those zones are my plan so far...

downside numbers remain the same as yesterday...

a slow push under current overnight low into the 86 - 87.50 zone is first buy alert zone if it comes today
no need to apologize......thanks for expaining that
taking small shorts up here for the eventual bracket low test...gotthe 98.50 working and will stop out at 1700.25...targeting 97.25 area..... a trade to 99.75 puts my hand on the exit key
it's official..I have become a scalper
now it would be really cool if they went for the ledge at 95.50 but don't think I'm gonna be so lucky....seems almost too obvious....the type of thing they go get after the session ends just to drive us crazy
anything can happen in the last 15-20m of trading...and nothing has logic in that period so they could well take that ledge out