ES Tuesday 9-17-13

Only two areas up top I am interested in and those are 92.50 - 93.50 ( Up against there now in O/N session) and 97.50 - 98.50...

1690 is my magnet price so sells on a push into those zones are my plan so far...

downside numbers remain the same as yesterday...

a slow push under current overnight low into the 86 - 87.50 zone is first buy alert zone if it comes today
Thanks for the early start Bruce.
The first chart I have is a 30 minute showing lines at LVMs correlated with swing Hi/Los. Not depicted is the Globex High Yesterday at 1703.75.
Click image for original size
es30min9 17 13

The second is the one minute chart over the past two days with those lines adjusted slightly to incorporate price action, generating my areas of interest. I apologize it looks like the price scale got chopped a little.

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es1min9 17 13

So I will be watching the 98.50, also R1
84.00 S1 and LNM from last week (not on chart)
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A look at the longer term 30 min chart.....
selling 1694.75 - 1695.00 since its in the bands on the 15 min and 5 min charts
I'm with ya kool..I missed a line and this is also POC from yesterday......would prefer higher for me is 93.50
covered the trade...will wait for 10 am reports
i actually prefer (as i think u do) the 97.75or higher area but was hoping to get a quick handle or two....
I don't like the way our 93 area turned into support prefered sells still come in at the 97 - 98 area
taking a small short at 96.25......I realize this is a gamble in front of reports,,..94.75 is my magnet on all shorts
notice we opened right at onvpoc and rejected it immediatly...that signals caution on shorts imo...that 98-00.5 is the area i have above, pretty close to what was posted here...

tick not strong, but consistently above zero for now...
covered 95.25.was hoping to get sell off before report...too close now...magnet revised to 95 even...hoping report pushes it up
anything can happen in the last 15-20m of trading...and nothing has logic in that period so they could well take that ledge out