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ES Friday 9-20-13

1719.50 is magnet price today and looks like they may hit it before the open too...VA high is there...I like sell idea above 20.50...Ideally at 21 and then we can try for that 19.50.....aggressive buys would come at 17.50 but the better area is the 15.50 - 15.75

In general I have a bullish bias today and think they ultimately want to make new highs above Thursday and fridays highs
10.75 is where sellers got heavy want to get out in front if granted the chance
yep, i mentioned that 06-08 zone eralier this am...08 was a nice entry point
below 06, u have the top of the previous area of consolidation, roughly 02-04
Nick I have 7.75 as Wednesday's midpoint, Is that where you got the zone?? Thanks
runners stopped...just little bits and pieces to see if / when we get under the 06 number but probably not trading anymore
And dont forget 100% of the 30 min IB around 1706.75
had 08 as the mid point for taht day bkay....u can see on a 1-2m chart that the pullback after we hit 713 went to 706 and then we made a couple of higher lows till 708 and then buying accelerated from there...

Originally posted by bkay59

Nick I have 7.75 as Wednesday's midpoint, Is that where you got the zone?? Thanks
Thanks Nick
working on 4th lower low into a key number...that 06...........02 - 03.50 would be next supprt spot if they do the Blow through !!
oh man...that was perfect...the only thing wrong with this long trade was that I didn't take it
cool day considering I was on the wrong side from the start ...hope all have a great weekend
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