ES Friday 9-20-13

1719.50 is magnet price today and looks like they may hit it before the open too...VA high is there...I like sell idea above 20.50...Ideally at 21 and then we can try for that 19.50.....aggressive buys would come at 17.50 but the better area is the 15.50 - 15.75

In general I have a bullish bias today and think they ultimately want to make new highs above Thursday and fridays highs
same idea bruce...not gonna post my trade since i did not do it in real time so it might annoy someone...but i mentioend i was still looking for longs so the idea was there....glad to be on the same page !
man...what a series of small wins and stop outs on runners today......gonna try one more from 05.75 with a hard stop at 04.25 ...then call it a day.....that 1710 area needs cleaning up.....but will go for 07.75 again first
lots of volume coming in under that 06 ...we need it to be buying volume......ideal to stay above that
took small .5 loss on that...trying again from 04.50 for 06.25...going under 02.50 would be a big no-no but will hopefully be out sooner if wrong in here
bruce did u notice the 5 min cycle trade from gen x..
I haven't used Gen-x ideas for probably almost a decade...LOL !! at least I can't remember when
cool day considering I was on the wrong side from the start ...hope all have a great weekend